MUP deploy on local server

Can I deploy my Meteor App as production on Local Server first using MUP? I want to see if everything is fine with the deployment before going for live server?

And I want to know, is MUP good for live deployments for meteor application?

Yes you can. Use a specific mup.js configuration file with server/mongo defined as your local server IP and maybe environment variables there and in your meteor’s settings (if you need to override some code or seed data at startup for instance)

mup --config mup-ls.js --settings settings-ls.json


  "public": {
    "version": "0.1.0",
    "mode": "local"

use with Meteor.settings.public.version, Meteor.settings.public.mode

I use mup for staging and live deployments of simple meteor applications without problem.
For more complex configurations (loadbalancing), I currently have a look at Ansible playbooks.

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Could you reply more information about this? I have tried this but not sure how to specify a local machine without any ssh access (imho not needed for local deployment). Thank you