Mup-deployed app appears to be incomplete?


I’m trying to deploy a medium-sized app to a DigitalOcean Linux box using mup 1.4.5.

mup setup and mup deploy run successfully, but the node app sent to the server seems to be missing several of the app’s methods. For example, one of my /imports/api/

/methods.js files exports 7 validatedMethods and weighs in at 134 lines in my editor and 258 lines in the chrome devtools “Sources” viewer. But on the deployed version, one of the methods is missing, and the file is only 171 lines long in devtools.

I’m running mup with debug:true, so the code (theoretically) isn’t minified or bundled. My next step is to try deploying to a local VM for a faster change/test cycle. Any ideas on what might be happening?



An update: Deploying the same app using mup to a newly-created, untouched DO Droplet worked without issue. It seems there’s something awry with the host I’m trying to deploy to, likely the result of repeated mup deployment name changes, delete/re-deploy cycles, etc.

Since this is only a staging server, I’m flushing it for now and standing up a fresh droplet.