MUP deploying to Digital Ocean server



I have been using Metor Up to deploy my app. I do

mup setup
mup deploy

things look good.

I go to my /opt folder and see the files that were deployed

I browse to my IP but the site just show the index page that is in my apache doc root.


How do I make the meteor app resolve to the ipaddress?

Any help would be much appreciated. I really like using meteor but am finding it hard to deploy to a live web server.



Meteor runs on port 3000, unless you specify a PORT environment variable. Try navigating to http://YOU_IP:3000/ and you should see your Meteor app.

You have 2 options. Either you add this to your mup.json

  "env": {

or you use Nginx / Apache as a reverse proxy. If you just want to toy around I would suggest going with the first option since it only takes a second. If / When you want to push your app to production you should look into setting up Nginx.


Thanks for your reply

on I get no data received.


See the chapter near the end here.


should I be installing nginx?

  • It is possible to use the same port forwarding technique with Apache, but I cannot help you on this.
  • There is no “deploy Meteor on Apache” tutorial out there, but several ones with nginx.
  • I use nginx and have tried @valentin’s first option without any success (ended up with second option).


I just stopped apache and use nginx - works a treat - I was not tied to apache in any way just no real config experience with Nginx.