MUP deployment failed

Meteor version 2.1.
MUP version 1.5.9.

While deploying my Meteor App, deployment fails and reverts to the previous version.

Message I get is:

Latest deployment failed! Reverted back to the previous version.

I get no other messages, have no clue what is happening or why.

Try the verbose flag:

Verbose Output
If you need to see the output of mup (to see more precisely where it’s failing or hanging, for example), run it like so:

DEBUG=mup* mup <command> --verbose

where <command> is one of the mup commands such as setup, deploy, etc.
The environment variable DEBUG=mup* gives more information on what the mup CLI is doing.
The --verbose flag shows output from commands and scripts run on the server.

There is also some trouble shooting tips in the documentation