Mup, Mongodb limits

EDIT: solved; works now, dunno why; maybe a update vs upsert issue with different usage on the node mongo api vs meteors collections api

When I insert new documents into the database old once get deleted or at least db.MyCollection.find().count() does not increase.

Is there a size limit to the collections set by mup?
df -h says I’m using 26% of the available disk space.

Any ideas what’s going on here? Any help is much appreciated!

I’m using mup with meteor 1.10 and mongo 4.2.

what do you mean with “collections set by mup” ?

I’m mean, maybe mup has set the collection size to a maximum limit. That is my guess.

But maybe there could be another reason why the number of documents stays the same, when I insert new documents.

I can’t understand…
As I know, Meteor UP not set collection size, can you show the directive that you have put on mup ?

I have not set any directives - just the default mup settings.