Mup upgrade to meteor 1.0.4


I am trying to upgrade to 1.0.4, and switch to mup for deployment.

mup has an option to install nodejs and you can set the node version, however when I run it nodejs which is currently at 0.10.33 is not upgraded, is there a way to make mup update node / mongo??

I already tried to compile 0.10.36 but when i do node --version I still get 0.10.33.

I followed these steps (for 0.10.37 actually):

tar zxvf node-v0.10.37.tar.gz
cd node-v0.10.37
sudo ./configure
sudo make
sudo make install


Did you changed your mup.json with the following?

"nodeVersion": "0.10.36",



I have :

   "setupNode": true,
   "nodeVersion": "0.10.36",

I think since node is already installed it just skips that step.


I would appreciate a short write up on options for installing 0.10.36 on debian/ubuntu. Not many resources out there.

will it run fine on the latest node?


My recommendation is to nuke node and install nvm on your server. It will make future upgrades easier. You can then pick specific versions.

Don’t know about this release but I have run into trouble using the latest node. I recommend you stick with Meteor 's version.


If you still have node/npm installed you can just

sudo npm install -g n
sudo n 0.10.36