MUP with Jenkins, is it possible to parametrize "host":?


Hello guys, I’m using mup with jenkins and it works well except for a single point.

I have two environments, prod and homol but just a single mup.json, when I want to deploy on homol I have to vary the host property, commit it and start the deployment process, so sometimes:
“host”: “

"host": “

So, is there a way to parametrize this? Like
"host": “$HOST”

Meteor, mup, and Jenkins CI?

I have two environments as well, production (prod) and staging. What I’ve done is created two folders in my Meteor file structure:

|-- deploy-staging
|    `-- mup.json
|-- deploy-prod
|    `-- mup.json

And the host settings in deploy-staging/mup.json are obviously different from deploy-prod/mup.json. I don’t know if there’s a neat way to parametrize the hostname in Jenkins.

So in Jenkins I have two projects, one for prod, one for staging. The shell script for staging looks like this:


set -ex

cd $WORKSPACE/deploy-staging
mup setup
mup deploy


@captsaltyjack that´s a nice solution :blush: I´ll try that! Thanks!