Mupx: Archiving failed: ENOENT

Anyone knows what is this error? After running mupx deploy, I get this:

=> Archiving failed: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat '/tmp/85ef3626-6e60-4bde-8d08-e793215bfc22/bundle/programs/server/npm/react-runtime-prod/node_modules/react/node_modules/envify/node_modules/jstransform/node_modules/esprima-fb/'

meteor build . finishes wihtout error.

I have the same issue.

I resolved it reverting back react-runtime to version 0.14.3

+1 I’m having the same issue

+1, but with regular mup. Seems to have started with the upgrade of react-runtime to version 0.14.4. Going to try revert to 0.14.3.

I’m having the same issue with react 0.14.4, reverting it (react, react-runtime, react-runtime-dev, react-runtime-prod) to 0.14.3 fixed the issue.

Has an issue for this been created on the github?

+1, but with mup as well. How do you revert these packages back? My React is currently listed at 0.14.3

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I’d just add react-runtime@0.14.3 into .meteor/packages file

I was still this problem even after reverting to 0.14.3. You have to make sure that in your .meteor/versions file the dependencies are also at 0.14.3.


Here’s a GitHub issue on the mup repo -

Thanks, that worked.

Had to use react-runtime@=0.14.3 to make sure it reverts and doesn’t update.

Well this is a weird bug, but again, I too, am suffering from this issue.

Am I missing something, because no matter what I seem to do, I can’t get my React packages to downgrade back to 0.14.3!?

I have react@0.14.3 in my .meteor/packages file, which I thought should do it…?

Ah okay, for anyone else that’s having issues, I had to do the following:

  1. Remove the react bundler package from my meteor installation

  2. Add the following individual packages to my packages file:

  1. Call meteor update and it will downgrade everything for you

I’m also having this problem with mup (not mupx). Downgrading worked.

perhaps some people releasing the React packages could jump in? @benjamn ; @sashko ; @evanyou ; …?

Shame that the cause of this is still unknown; I’d really like to get the latest React packages onto my deployment :confused: @arunoda & @sashko what can we do to help?

I gave up and went to Meteor Dev Edition. It worked.

looks like a recent issue. Now I’m stuck with it.

@Siyfion’s tutorial worked great.

Indeed. I was fortunate enough to get an invite so that’s what I did too.

I’d love to hear from @arunoda or @sashko as to whether they are aware of this issue; whether it’s a MUP bug or a React Package bug!?


Instead of downgrading react , the following change worked for me :

add the following to the archiveIt function in build.js file of your mup installation ("/usr/local/lib/node_modules/mup/lib/build.js" for me) …

var esprimaFolder = sourceDir+'/programs/server/npm/react-runtime-prod/node_modules/react/node_modules/envify/node_modules/jstransform/node_modules/esprima-fb/';

The complete file highlighting where to add the code…gist