MUPX deploy issue

Not sure why $ ./deploy/mupx setup


host is simply IP address of Docker ubuntu

Your PEM file is incorrect.
It cannot be id_rsa. You might have made a PEM file ( extension : .pem ) from AWS EC2 Panel (if you’re using AWS, or from another service) while creating the instance.

Hi Abhishek

This is deploying to my own server, nothing to do with AWS EC2, so not sure if what you are saying is applicable?

From what I know one can either use password or ssh, please correct me if I am mistaken.

What I’m saying is the PEM file you have mentioned in mup.json is not correct. Or you can set a password on the server and then mention it in the mup.json file.

If you have added your ssh keys to the server already, then try removing the “pem”:… line from mup.json and try?