Mupx deploy to Ec2 , verifying deploy fail. Please Help me


yesterday I use Mupx to deploy new project to Ec2 and completely failed .

  1. connect to Ec2 success,

  2. set http port 80 ,ssh port 22 done;

  3. mupx setup , done;

4), mupx deploy ,last step , verifying deploy failed .

on matter i set time is over 600. I have tried to use Node different version 0.10.40 .44 V4.4.7 V4.8 , still failed. also tried to add dockImage to Mup.json. I uninstall Meteor Node and install them again , still failed. I have googled many information , no solution. Can you please tell me how to resole this problem.


mupx isn’t maintained anymore. The last version with which it worked consistently for me was Meteor 1.2.1. I’ve left some apps on that version deliberately because mupx was/is a convenient deployment strategy.


You mean , I should downgrade Meteor to 1.2 instead of 1.4


If you want to be able to deploy with mupx, yes.

There is a newer (maintained) version of mup at:


Thanks Babrahams, i will try it soon .


my dear,
I have solved this issue,
thank you very much
you are my angel today
thanks again and again


Hi there. i’m facing the same problem. could I ask how you solved this issue?


the problems is we have deployed too many times with different mup versions in this folder.
1)create a new Meteor project , and copy your all codes except meteor packages and npm .
2) manually add meteor packages and npm install packages you need
3) npm install -g mup
4) mup init
5) config mup.js // add dockerImg
6) connect Ec2 via SSH
7) mup setup
8) mup deploy


Thank you for that. What do you mean by “add dockerimg”? how do i go about adding it?