Mupx init returns /usr/bin/env: node: No such file or directory(solved)


Should i just create mup.json and settings.json. How do i fix this.


it means mupx is not installed (at least node can’t find it)


I installed mupx with npm install -g mup before getting this error


It means that node is not in your path when the script is executed. You can fix that by executing

sudo ln -s \which node` /usr/local/bin/node`

once. You need to remove the \ from the command. This is just for the forum :smiley:


mup and mupx are two different modules. Did you just typo or did you actually mix these two up?


just checked it is typo and just to be sure i removed mupx and tried it all thing again


@Sanjo doing that returns ln: target ‘/usr/local/bin/node’ is not a directory


I installed sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy that fixed it thanks