MUPX problem with docker


Hello there.

I’m deploying a project with MUPX on a Digital Ocean droplet (with ubuntu 14.04.5) and the deployment process (mupx deploy) stops with this error.

“No appname container finded”.

I tried to use docker-compose and the image of meteorhacks/dockerd and it didn’t work.

The VPS have 512Mb of RAM (smallest droplet on DO)

Do you think that my problem could be the RAM? or a problem with docker or MUPX? I did deploys of my projects on AWS and DO before, is the first time that mupx trow me that error.



Hope for you that someone has the solution, but wanted to say that I had a lot of problems with mup/mupx, I’d recommend to take an afternoon and set up your own deployment, which is now not too hard thanks to the guide.