Music Streaming Platform with Meteor

We working on, You can check it out .

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gives a DNS probe error


It’s kind of a disorienting experience to open one meteor app and then be redirected to another to log in.


A couple bits of feedback… There 3 scroll bars layered on the right edge of the screen, 2 of which are basically decorations. Also if you play a song by clicking on it on the what’s new tab, it continues to play if you navigate away to another part of the screen, but then there isn’t a way to stop it. Other than that it’s good.

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It’s the brand system . Other services will be provided that require a single account . That’s why there is SSO .

The scrollbar. It seems you use a browser not chrome. It’s meant for you to scroll horizontally when there are items in those sections

I understand, there just isn’t anything that indicates that it’s part of a larger product and therefore not a cohesive experience at the moment.

Actually the I use chrome, but the scrollbars I’m referring to are all vertical.

Scroll bars should appear on their own when elements overflow their container. As far as I can tell this shouldn’t be necessary and with a bit of CSS tweaking in the inspector, I was able to make all the elements flow naturally and none of the scrollbars besides the one on the window appear.

Finally, the previous comment that there wasn’t a way to stop the audio was incorrect. It was there, but was hidden by the cookie popup :joy:

Not trying to nitpick, just a bit of feedback to polish things up a bit.

Sure . I appreciate. Will look into those.

Hey @engrpeters,

I’m building something similar, well im having something built that’s similar - i’d be interested to see exactly what you made, as the links dont work?