My application is falling

lately our application has stopped working and every time it happens we must restart the server, we are using Kadira and found no abnormality

users advised us that as they climbed files the application will fall, we are using smartfile and uploaded the files from the server, I would like to know which is the best solution for this problem?

my server is digitalocean ($ 10 plan)

Probably a silly question, but have you deployed the application correctly?
Just checking that you are not running it in development mode…

yes, is deployed properly and we are using meteor up to facilitate the process, our server crashes when users upload files

You’re going to have to share more information about the issue.

I’ve got a deployed app that accepts file uploads (using edgee:slingshot) and it doesn’t crash. However that offloads the process to S3.

What sort of testing have you done?

  • Did you deploy the latest version of Meteor?
  • Does it happen with all files, or only certain sorts?
  • Does it happen anytime, or only after the app has been running for quite some time?
  • What error messages, if any, can you see?
  • How have you deployed, are you using nginx? What are those logs showing?
  • I have the last version of Meteor
  • It happen with all files
  • when up multiple files at once
  • no error messages
  • nginx necessary for such a small application?

we are using SmartFile, It is very cheap but has not support for XMLHttpRequest (fails to make it work with slingshot)

I am using nginx as a reverse proxy, so I can have three apps on the same server.
Only asked because maybe that is where it was failing, still wouldn’t explain a crash but maybe it was timing out.

I am way out of my league here with this, sorry @cottz :frowning:

Maybe try to log everything to do with the upload process?

@cottz something I forgot to ask does it crash when running in development mode??
I am assuming it doesn’t because that would be a lot easier to debug…

when a file upload we get a message on the console, but our server goes down in the process, yet what we consider the main cause is SmartFile, that sometimes is down and prevents us from seeing our archives.