My custom domain dosen't work

Hi,I buyed a personnal domain on OVH, and deployed my meteor application on it.
When, I visit my website with my browser (chrome), it return an erreor : ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

Then here is how I proceeded :
1: On my registrar admin, I changed CNAME (domain : :

With a dot at the end, because without the input named “target” return this message: " Full target: « » "

2: The next-day (12 hours later), I deployed my project with this command : meteor deploy

then meteor confirm with :
Deploying to www.
Now serving at

do you have an idea to resolve my problem ?

Would you be so kind as to give us the domain name? Or do you want us to just blurt ideas? appears to be a domain registrar.

It seems your server IP is
Check if that’s correct.

Also, are you using Galaxy? Is that why you set CNAME to

DNS records do not show an A record. Did you setup Galaxy to answer requests?

You must have a CNAME or an A record. It looks like your CNAME record is failing. Galaxy is not answering to your domainname I think.

You are right for server ip.

No i’m not using galaxy, just the free meteor host by default. I just want to deploy my app without “”.

I followed this tutorial`

Free Meteor hosting (* is no more, you will need to come up with another deployment strategy.

Ohh ok thanks ! I try to deploy on AWS.