My departing gift from Meteor: Ubuntu Production Script


Hi all, I’m leaving Meteor. I wrote a video game on Meteor (StarCommanderOnline), but am dropping the MMO part to focus on single player.

In parting, I wanted to leave you with a MUP alternative.

What does this do?

Build your own Ubuntu based Meteor Production Server with OpLog and Kadira enabled!

In these scripts, you will find ALL the important pieces of code I fought for YEARS to find, which are required to start your own server up! I’ve taken in to consideration:

  • Firewall Rules and forwarding Port 80 to Port 3000
  • OpLog enabled
  • Kadira Reporting from’s Kadira instance, $10 bucks a month

This community is one of the best repositories on the internet, I wish every one well. If any one would like my MMO engine, please PM me.

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Thanks @SkyRooms for being an active and positive voice in the community, it’s sad to see you leaving I really enjoyed the project you were working, best of good luck in your next adventure :slight_smile:


Why can’t you do that in Meteor ? :smiley:


Because I still have to maintain a Node + Mongo server in some capacity. I’m a PHP+MySQL+Wordpress pro, I’m just more comfortable there.

My business model has also changed dramatically… Have you seen the recent hate on EA for ‘micro transactions’? My player base evaporated, and stopped spending. My new app will be a 1 time purchase to unlock the full game, and I’m switching to another platform over at - their in-app-purchase management is amazing.

I’m going to tie web purchases in to WooCommerce for reporting. Where as in Meteor, I’d have to build that entire package.

So simply put, Meteor no longer meets my needs as well as Scirra does. I’ve already made a huge port on the app. Come check it out :slight_smile:



Scirra and Meteor are not comparable, they serve very different communities.

Scirra is more focused on multi-platform 2d games development while Meteor is more tailored for web/apps/APIs and real-time development, developers need to pick the best tools for the job, and especially those who are tight on resources. I think Meteor is the best for tool for modern web development but Scirra might be a better choice for @SkyRooms future needs (single player 2d games).

Meteor did it job by helping @SkyRooms to launch an MVP and learn more about the domain, business model and how to position himself in the market going forward, so it’s a good story after all. And l’m personally looking forward for more games from @SkyRooms so keep us posted here!


Off-topic but Contrsuct2 from Scirra looks awesome, maybe I’ll try doing a 2d game on the side for fun :smiley:

Production build hangs after update to Meteor 1.6

So after seeing Construct… you can see why I made the switch.

My 4000+ users didn’t really care about having an MMO. They wanted more game play, which was why I made the switch.


That took you years? I wrote in like 2 months.

Passenger > *


Also, why are you op logging a single db? lol

Op logging is for Mongo sharding.



  1. Mongo oplog tailing has its uses with Meteor (reactivity), irrespective of having one or more replica sets
  2. Oplog is not for sharding: oplog is for replica sets. Sharding != Replication.



@iDoMeteor Meteor watches the oplog for changes. If you don’t have one, it will fall back to polling, which can cause terrible performance problems. Do you not use an oplog??


I think if you examined my scripts, you would see their value.

You can simply add another line of code to the DB start script to create an replica set. And yes, you should run in oplog even if you’re on one database.

Also, your sarcastic attitude is total shit.


I had examined them. They’re fine, clean. No error checking and very environmentally bound to your specific context though.

As for my attitude…I shouldn’t use trollums before I wake up…and you should already know this is one of the snarkiest ones around.