My first deployment ever

Somehow, finally I managed coding a little quiz app. My first program ever. I’m really happy but now I’m a bit lost. Is there any place where I can deploy my app for free? Not for actual users, just for testing. Then, which paid hosting do you guys recommend for a hobbist like me?

Thank you all.


Hi, I was facing the same question few days ago when I decided to host my little template-demo meteor-react app (based on AnnotatedJS work) to try the galaxy service .

I had said to me : “even if I have to pay few euros, I will test the service and stop if it too expensive”

My app is hosted since two days on a meteor subdomain, and my account billing still show (O$), even if I entered my credit cards numbers.

I deployed it using the comman line meteor deploy youappname --settings settings.json

From the galaxy faq : ` If you want to stop billing, stop your app, and billing will stop even though the app is still there ready to be started again.``

You also have to host your mongodb (mlab : free for less than 0.5go).

See here for easy and full doc

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From MDG’s free hosting shutdown memo:

If you’re only looking for free hosting, we recommend using a combination of free services from Heroku and MongoLab. Here are links to some community articles to help you get started:

You can also consult the Meteor Guide for other DIY deployment options.

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I’m still stuck on Configure access to your MongoDB database. I have the free mongolab sandbox and have the URI, but have no clue where to “Configure access to your MongoDB database.”

Not meant to hijack, but maybe shedding some light will help vicesalles as well.


I found that about the mongodb config (see “Connecting Compose and Galaxy”).

You need to create a ‘settings.json’ file (in your root folder of your app). I show you mine as an exemple:

  "": {
    "env": {
      "MONGO_URL":    "...."

I just did that and it worked. I hope it will help you!