My first meteor package

Hi Guys! Today I published my first meteor package. Awesome :slightly_smiling:
For me there are 2 questions left:

1.) The readme file is a bit strange. Is there a way to update this?
2.) I had to include a small JS code inside Template.mytemplate.rendered() function, because there was no other way to have the js loaded, so I can use it in my package. I checked the load order inside package.js. But nothing helped, excpet to put the JS code directly inside my rendered() function. Any Ideas what may have caused this?


Package.onUse(function(api) {

Template.xvendo_barcoder.onRendered(function() {    
  new EAN13(element,dataEan)

Maybe you can add the link to the package?

Hi jamgold!
I solved the issue. The minified js library had used a var statement, I removed this var and now It’s working like a charm. I also learned how to update my package. Meteor It’s easy :slight_smile:
Thank you