My first package - use MJML with Meteor!

Hi folks!

I’ve just published my first Meteor package and I’m pretty excited :fire::fire::fire: !

It’s a package which will help you to use MJML templates while sending emails from your Meteor application. I’ve done it for my internal needs, but then decided to share it with a community. I hope it will be helpful for somebody here!

If you will find any problems, feel free to open the issue on GitHub. Suggestions are highly welcome!

PS: I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to @filipenevola for bringing Meteor back to top! There is a lot of noise here and there about the Meteor and it’s mostly because of you I decided to come back to it and to use it with my next projects!


Very nice! I love MJML


I need to play with MJML - been struggling with rendering content in outlook on windows. Outlook Mac works great. On windows everything so far I’ve tried renders something wrong.