My first weekend fun project - meteor package search for alfred

Hi All,

I recently bought alfred powerpack(for those who knows it) and then found out that there is no good package search for alfred so I built one.

You can find it here

How am I doing it?

How to install

  • You can download alfred-meteor-packages.alfredworkflow file from the above link
  • You can install npm package using
    npm install --global alfred-meteor-packages

How to use

Type mp and the package name to search for packages

  • return - to copy meteor add package-name to clipboard

  • cmd + return to redirect to github page. if github url is not found then we redirect to atmosphere page


This is my first open source project. Let me know your thoughts.

Any feedback/pull-requests are welcome.

PS: Star my github repo, if you like the project.

Here is a GIF of how it works


Looks great! This might be reason enough for me to start using Alfred. +1 for redirecting first to Github, secondary to Atmosphere :slight_smile:

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glad, you found it useful. Let me know if you have any feedback.