My Meteor app is not showing the meta data on google,yahoo but can show on bing

The meta data which i have set in my meteor app is not showing on google search results, yahoo but show on bing. Sometimes its even not showing the meta description. Can anyone suggest why this happening?
Please suggest on urgent basis

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Can you elaborate exactly what you mean? Do you just mean the initial meta tags that are sent with the html, or are you trying to modify the meta for each page within your app? If so are you using something like PhantomJS or

Use server render. It will solve the problem.

We are using server side rendering but it still have have problem.

I am talking about the meta for each page within the app. As recently we are using for that.
The meta which we set is not show on google search results.

I use meteor built in server side rendering with react. No problem.

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I believe that the app is built using blaze.

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If this is true, then your server side rendering is failing. Viewing the page source, the body of the document has only script tags.

I can’t speak much about prerender integration since I’ve never used it. Hopefully someone else can speak with some authority on it.