My Meteor site is down since last 10 hours. Can anyone help? How can I fix this issue?


My site is down due to some unknown reasons my site is down for longest period of time. Please help anybody.


Deleting and redeploying helped me. Hope you have a backup of your mongodb data …


No. unfortunately I didn’t take backup because I didn’t anticipated anything like this before. Can reset application work? even if I reset the site local database will be erased. What do you think I should do?


Ouch. Always anticipate the worst.

Are there any errors or any more info you have?


If you want to delete and redeploy, try the steps below:

  • Get the production url

    • meteor mongo --url
  • Quickly copy all the info into the following command

    • mongodump -u username -p password --port 27017 --db --host
  • If you verified that the mongodump is okay, delete and redeploy

    • meteor deploy --delete
    • meteor deploy
  • Get the production url again and use mongorestore

    • meteor mongo --url
    • mongorestore -u username -p password --port 27017 --db --host



Sometimes if you just redeploy (without delete) wou’ll trigger to reload your instance. And you do not lose the mongoDB data. That’s my experience.
So, try it first WITHOUT the --delete argument.