My mobile app is launching zoomed in

Our Meteor + Cordova app, Primacy, is launching zoomed in on my Galaxy S20. The app has zoom disabled, so I can’t actually zoom back out. Rebooting the phone fixes this until I restart the app a couple of times and then it’ll start up zoomed in until I reboot the phone again.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue on other phones. I assume that this probably isn’t some setting that was accidentally turned on in the OS because rebooting the phone temporarily fixes the issue. I think it’s probably some interaction between Samsung + Android + Meteor + Cordova; I’m hoping that someone here knows what the issue is offhand or has a hint.


Update: This appears to relate to the resolution. I assume some auto scaling is happening behind the scenes. The issue goes away if I change the resolution from WQHD+ (3200 x 1440) to FHD+ (2400 x 1080)

Hey! I have a Cordova app that is experiencing the same problem on samsung device after latest update. Did you find out something new about it?