My webiste is slow because it load everything on all pages with meteor

My website is very slow, it load eveything on every page.
We use Meteor.js, I think it is a problem with miro:preloader, numtel:lazy-bundles something like that.
Any expert in meteor here, please?

Yeh, those packages seem like they could cause such an issue if mis-configured. They are both pretty outdated which can cause some issues as well with all the changes that have happened in this area. But still once loaded it shouldn’t load anything else on new pages since Meteor is always a single page application.

What front-end and router are you using?

Blaze for the front end et iron router :roll_eyes:

Looks like an old app, so that at least clears that angle. We will need a bit more info.
Can you give us more information? What behavior are your observing? How did you tie it down to those two packages? Have you checked the configs? What is that you want to achieve with those packages? Is there a repository or something we could check out? Anything else we should know about?

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