My website is no longer Responsive on Galaxy...?

Hi folks,

Looks great on desktop but for some reason … it isn’t responsive on mobile devices!

Any one shed some insight? I’ve got all the col-md-12, etc, it works fine when you resize the browser too.

Just tried it by shrinking in browser and it looked good and on iOS. I believe you have a font issue that needs some CSS tweaking for mobile (too small).

Side note, the website looks professional, but I got thrown off by the rainbow colours of the icons in your home page As a matter of fact, that’s what too many CTA’s. Login / register should be in the top (right) and why do we have your resume on a B2B offering?

It’s responsive on my browser and Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

Oh really? Maybe my phone is just borked then. Looks like I spent a day on nothing again :confused:

Hi Ramez, thx for checking in. I still think it’s not loading properly.

Resizing works! But looking on the mobile device is displaying full desktop resolution!

Mobile should have a TOP navbar, not a LEFT sidebar if it’s working properly. It was working a few days ago, I haven’t updated to the new Meteor either.

Side note: Yeah been working on the LP for a while, not sure about the colors either. And it’s not necessarily B2B; I’m still unsure what she is.

Thx for your reply.


Absolutely required. I had removed the template I had in favor of using and using routing to configure everything.