MyCollection.updateOne is not a function

I’m trying to run this code:

const query = { date:, employee: employee };
const update = { $set: { date:, employee: employee, date.marked: !date.marked }};
const options = { upsert: true };
DaysCollection.updateOne(query, update, options);

DaysCollection is normal MongoDB collection implemented as in the todolist manual. It says updateOne is not a function …is MongoDB for Meteor not including updateOne function - this means, the MongoDB Collection does not have updateOne function? …for similar errors in Google, answers say that the query is slightly wrong, but how can this affect, whether a function exists? Upsert option should do update or insert - is there another way to do update or insert in MongoDB for Meteor? With just “update” this is not possible, it says it works then only for _id field queries.

I’m trying to use this - …when I use normal update instead, it says I have to use only id for this, it only works with updateOne.

Can I somehow, if this is not possible (to get to updateOne), do a transaction/atomic object to check, whether a record exists, and update it if it exists, insert otherwise? Or can I use another database object for this purpose, which supports updateOne? Meteor is still new to me and I don’t know it’s scopes very well - that DB query I could not put inside the function I was using, it wanted it directly inside the function of UI.

What I’m interested in - how to get to upsert function in MongoDB and Meteor.

Take a look in the docs here: Collections | Meteor API Docs

Meteor has the update function that receives a multi option, that is false by default, resulting in the functionality being similar to the updateOne you want. Additionally, there is the upsert option that you can set to true.

My final point is: DaysCollection.update(query, update, options); is probably what you want.