Nameservers and Galaxy

Deploying a new application via Galaxy, I have 2 questions:

  1. I see in one part of the docs, it instructs the DNS to be pointed to In another part, it says to use Which is it?

  2. With every registrar I’ve had a domain with, I’ve needed 2 addresses when using custom DNS. Therefore, simply using one of the above options does not work. Is there a second address that needs to be used?

Registrar is NameCheap.

Same question here…

First, you’re not setting those as your name servers. You’re pointing a CNAME record to them.

Second, you should use the one that is in the region you’d like to point to. There’s a European and a United States one. If you think you’ll have both European and United States users, you can route to the proper server based on where they’re coming from (with AWS or NginX etc.)

Thanks! I usually change dns servers, but now I have it setup… CNAME it is…

I’ve tried staying on the registrars nameservers and making a CNAME pointing to with a ‘www’ host. Doesnt seem to work. The galaxy page indicates the app is running though.