Nebula: Universal components & design for Meteor & Apollo

I have been doing a lot of self learning lately for GraphQL, Apollo, and the ecosystem around it; I am particularly interested in how to integrate it with Meteor optimally. So I was digging around the apollographql github org to see what tools and projects they were working on, and I found Nebula!

The project was only started three days ago, and the README is barren, but the tag line got me real interested!

Universal components & design for Meteor & Apollo

Anything about Apollo and Meteor integration will peek my interest!

So let’s get the hot stove cooking and speculate! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


“Oops! Didn’t find anything here” - GitHub


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Bah, had a trailing ] sitting there in the URL. Fixed!

As I understand, integrates Apollo and Meteor quite nicely. I just started using it so no first hand opinion yet…

No, Vulcan still lacks the Meteor-level realtime (reactivity) that makes Meteor what it has become today.