Need a package for parsing dynamic tags in form inputs

I’m struggling to figure out what this feature is called, so I don’t know if there is a package or library that can help.

I’m looking to have functionality similar to MailChimp’s Merge Tags or Wordpress’s Shortcodes.

I want my users to have the ability to submit a string via <textarea>, which may contain substring[s] for referencing dynamic content. The classic example is creating an email template where the recipient’s name is dynamically changed for the greeting in each email instance.

Is there some existing solution for this sort of functionality (perhaps with Markdown), or do I need to write a custom regex parser and prescribe my own rules for the tag syntax? Thanks so much.

I’m looking for the same kind of thing… Did you already find a way to do this micah?

Sorry @sanneterpstra, I did not. It became less of a priority, so I stopped looking. I would love to know if you find something.