Need a Starter Project

Guys. I’m having a heck of a time trying to get a simple project working. All I need is a project that has the following:

  1. Runs on TypeScript
  2. Angular 2 preferable 4. But at this point I’ll take 2.

Can someone help? I’ve started by just doing the meteor create some-app and then making the changes. But nothing seams to work. I always run into issues and can’t get it working.

Currently I’m trying to get this working on a Mac.

I am neither an angular nor a typescript user but this may help you :

Yes. I saw that yesterday … That is what I was looking for. I found it by accident when trying to create an app with meteor. So for the record, if you type the following in the CMD or PowerShell, or a terminal screen:

$> meteor --help create

you will see the options that yo have. Among the options there is list option. Use it like so:

$> meteor create --list
Available examples:

To create an example, simply git clone the relevant repository and branch (run 'meteor create --example ’
to see the full command).

As you can see the last example is the one that I used. Thanks so much @ivo. YU DA MAN!!!

I would like to see an example with Angular 4. That would be the bomb…

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