Need account Login boilerplate

I am looking for a meteor login starter(login wiith admin user management) similar to yogiben meteor-starter, however I notice that its not working with meteor 1.7. Also I reviewed the meteor accounts and it needs coding to have an account login and admin dashboard. Can anyone suggest if any package or github respository exists that serve the purpose?

PS: I also looked at Josh owens repo meteor add joshowens:accounts-entry but its no longer maintained as well.

Have a look at by @themeteorchef - i used an older version for my own startup, and it was invaluable in learning how to think about complex spa’s. Its actually a really well thought out starter package.

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Thank you. I installed and also read the documentation. It gives a very complicated approach and made me very confused. Additionally the login UI/ dashboard was not fancy like a yogiben. Do you know any other github projects that do the same job but more simple?