Need an old version of Meteor

I’m using windows and I installed a new version of Meteor 1.1 But I still have a project made in
then when I try to run it I get:

This project says that it uses Meteor, but you don’t have that version of Meteor
installed and the Meteor update servers don’t have it either. Please edit the
.meteor/release file in the project and change it to a valid Meteor release.

Is there any way to get Meteor I dont want to update the project

You can run previous versions of Meteor using the --release flag and then Meteor will download and install that version.


meteor run --release

edit: Yikes I just realized you said on Windows…Best of luck to you you cannot downgrade before 1.1

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As far as I know on Windows you’d have to run the app with the old Meteor version either in a VM or through Docker in a container (which also works using a Linux VM behind the scenes). If you need pointers for the latter solution I’d be happy to point to specific containers and docs for that.