Need beta testers for meteoric124:meteoric

Hello all,

For the past few months, I have been working on extending Nick Wientge’s meteoric package (blaze port of ionic) to be as close to ionic@1.2.4 as possible but using blaze… My fork is is in the meteoric124:meteoric repo (branch 1.2.4-dev), and is complete with documentation and demo site. There is also a startup-project site which is a smaller version of demo site.

As mentioned, I’ve established most features I wanted and just want to make meteoric124:meteoric more robust. So if you like what you see in documentation and demo, I encourage you to go tweak the demo (branch 1.2.4-dev).

Joey Andres

Edit 3: I’ll be working on flow-router integration for now.


@jandres thank you for reviving this. Much needed. Although a lot of people are going for react-native (myself included), I couldn’t but help myself using this for giving clients a free totally usable mobile app which will cover 60-70% of the mobile app use cases.

I am using this to make a mobile version of a production app as we speak. Will post issues (albeit silly) in the github repos.

Thank you for your work on this. I’ve got a meteoric app that does the job for web/ios/android – it’s just so easy to develop, maintain and deploy. Like @kaiyes, I just can’t help myself from using it.

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it so amazing :smiley: keep up your work. to me meteoric is so easy to develop. so love it

by the way, how do we use <form> tag ? I use that for a custom login/register to add some more fields to the user profile. Using it normally renders it without any css. I know there is the useraccounts:ionic package and that works fine. But I use a modified login/register in my production app, wanted that same thing to work here. How do I enable the css ?

Thanks all. @kaiyes I’m on my work now, I’ll address that later (or create a page i doc site and give link here). For now, should suffice. I only have the components section copied, not the css section. I’ll address that later.

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@jandres thanks. Got it to work.

That brings me to the question, if I just use other ionic components like card etc, will that bring any trouble ? Obviously only the html is needed from those components .

@jandres I’m here too for any help and beta testing. You know that I really love Meteoric124 and your works man. :wink:

@kaiyes About your question, yes you can use any components without any trouble? (card, buttons, …) See all ionic component list and also see Meteoric124 components lists. You can use all of them.

Meteoric124 also has a good and well written migration guide that I suggest to read it carefully.


I have problem with import structure in meteor 1.3. I don’t know how to import meteoric124:meteoric beta in my app. Can you show me? Thank :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “import”. You mean es6 import so you can use something like $ionicConfig ? Or do you want the 1.2.4-dev to be in your packages/ directory. Can you clarify that?

I mean import packages from directory.
ex: import { Meteor } from 'meteor/meteor;
I have also import {Meteoric} from ‘meteor/meteoric124:meteoric’, but it didn’t work. Can you show me?:slight_smile:

Error : There are multiple templates named ‘ionActionSheet’ when I render template. Can you help me?

I’ll reply to this at lunch. Sorry for the very late reply. Swamped atm.

I have installed your package jandres:ionic, but i got an error “No such template: ionApp” in console and didn’t show anything in my page. Can you help me? Thank :slight_smile: