Need good old mup?

For people who don’t want to deploy app into docker container, you can install latest pre 1.0.0 version of mup with:

npm -g install mup@0.11.3

In latest mup (since version 1.0.0) config file is changed (it’s not .json anymore, it’s .js). They change it just like that.


Why people just can’t keep backward compatibility, or rename new (backward incompatible) project differently, or at least show warning in… ?

This is the problem with entire community including Meteor. In each next version something is broken. I am loosing my nerves with Meteor and everything around it.

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Why would you not use Mupx?

I do agree though that this needs some more documentation regarding backwards compatibility.

I forked arunoda’s meteor-up (it is abandoned, with the last version here was 0.11.3 and created a brand new repo that picks up where it left off – namely supporting 1.2 + deployments without docker. I called it meteor-up-classic. I’ve successfully gotten running using mup-classic (where as arunoda’s mup doesn’t support anything above meteor 1.2).

if you need or want docker, kadirahq’s meteor-up is where the new development is taking place. In my case I can’t use docker because I need access to the file system (read/write/delete dirs and files) OUTSIDE of the Meteor application and don’t know enough about docker and how to configure that (and don’t have the cycles to figure it out right now) – hence meteor-up-classic.

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