Need guidance on use of Meteor for my project


Hello Everyone,

I am very new to Meteor. I am posting this query to get some understanding on whether meteor is
suited for my new project requirement.My client has asked me to use meteor to develop a web portal. Below are basic requirements that the portal should cater to. Please excuse if you find these are very basic questions, but this is the only way I can get clarifications. Thanks for your help.

1> This portal is used by the customer service representatives to take activation and disconnection orders using a basic form.It should be used on desktop as well as mobile.
2> The application should call rest api’s exposed by a different application and should be able to consume the response.
3> The application should provide user management like signup, login, profiles, roles, etc
4> The application should be secure
5> It needs to be deployed in web server on a linux platform.
6> Is a person with good javascript background enough to start work on meteor or do we require any other specific technologies.

Thanks Again for your help.


I’m surprised these questions haven’t been answered. However, here goes:

  1. I’m assuming you’re asking if it’s possible to write for desktop and mobile in Meteor? Yes: the supported mobile development platform uses Cordova. Hovever, there are also lots of people successfully using (for example) Ionic, React Native and Onsen UI.
  2. This is really easy with Meteor using the http package to consume REST endpoints. There are a number of ways of using Meteor to provide REST endpoints as well.
  3. Yes - from the inbuilt accounts set of packages, which provide pre-built password based authentication and oauth authorization, to integrating with NPM authentication packages. Roles are typically implemented using something like the alanning:roles package.
  4. A Meteor application will be as secure as you make it. As with any coding project it’s easy to expose attack vectors. The Meteor Guide has some useful pointers on security.
  5. Yes - that’s the most likely environment you’ll find Meteor apps deployed. If devops isn’t your thing, you should consider deploying to Galaxy which does all the hard work for you.
  6. In my opinion you definitely need to understand the fundamentals of Javascript. By that, I mean a solid understanding of asynchronous coding, functional programming and promises. It’s not sufficient to have mastered jQuery - in fact trying to apply jQuery style “imperative” techniques into Meteor’s “declarative” coding style is going to cause problems.

Oh - and welcome to the Meteor community :slight_smile: