Need help and tips in configuring nginx,meteor and mongodb with oplog and replica-sets with docker


Hi there folks,

For the past two weeks ive been struggling really hard in order to get my meteor app hosted on our local web server running windows server 2008.Being a noob in deployment and devops ,i somehow managed to get my app running inside docker(the docker-toolbox version) using a docker file containing

FROM jshimko/meteor-launchpad:devbuild #for testing purposes

Once i built it i created a docker-compose file with the following code

  image: imageBuiltFromTheDockerfile
    - "80:3000"
    - "81:4000"
    - mongo
    - ROOT_URL=http://localhost
    - MONGO_URL=mongodb://mongo:27017/meteor

  image: mongo:latest 

As my app also runs apollo server i allo forwarded the port 81.For now the app runs smoothly but when in production i should be able to set something to load balance it all along with some mongodb replica-set.I never even dove into nginx(heard about it but didnt know what was its use until recently).

Can you guys help me figure out how to set a proper docker-compose file which will run all of those???

Any tips will be much appreciated…

Thank you.