Need help brainstorming for an ecommerce that connects to a local store inventory as well

I’m trying to figure how would be best to have an inventory in a local store which we will create an ecommerce to sell online as well.

When the local store makes a sell, the cashier would, either, enter the id of the item, scan the barcode? (don’t know if this is posible with angular-meteor) or scan a QR code to look up the item in the database?(don’t know either if this is posible in angular-meteor).

My question would be how could we implement an easy way for the cashiers to tell the app that an item has been sold and subtract the amount from the inventory.

options are in my opinion:
1- manual type of item id
2- some sort of scanner which connects to the app (web app).
3- ?

Will appreciate any options or libraries that have these kind of features (scanning, etc) compatible with meteor and angular.

Not sure if you have looked into Reaction Commerce but we’ve been keeping this kind of use case in mind, designing with a tablet/mobile in mind as our target. I’ve not recently looked into scanning integration, but have in the past, so I know it can be done. Are you looking for an entire solution, where the commerce portion is both a POS and also serves as the commerce site software? This might be something the Reaction community could help with.

That’s pretty neat, do you know if it support angular?

You could use angular, but we’re currently using Blaze and React.