Need help from the meteor community


I’m currently in an awkward spot and I really need help from the meteor community :heart:
I’ll explain my problem below…

My friend and I have recently put a new web app made with meteor into production.
It’s called RemoteDesk and it’s a job board specialized for remote hiring.

My friend handled most of the development and I’m in charge of the PR, design and similar stuff and here is the awkward spot I was talking about, before pushing traffic to the site with adWords and similar tools I wanted first to build content (jobs) so that most of the users would come back later.
I’ve emailed some companies but the issue is that they are hesitant to put up job ads if there isn’t any traffic on my site and if there aren’t jobs on my site I won’t pull in traffic.

So this is where your help comes in. If you guys could put your job ads also on my site I would be extremely thankful since then I could start my ad campaign, social marketing, etc. and get this project moving…

Also, everyone who posts a job will get:

  • A big :heart: from me
  • Aside from posting a job for free now, a free job post when we start implementing a payment system (just quote me here later)
  • A twitter post of your job add with the relevant mention (@meteor, @dribble, etc.)



Nathan beat you to it


It’s not the same, he made a job board for meteor developers and we made for every type of job that can be done remotely.


BTW, we are looking to get around 10 jobs to get started and we would take it from there.
And posting a job shouldn’t take more then 5-10 minutes, especially if you already have an active job post somewhere since then you can just copy-paste the most part.

P.S. can the person who posted the ComicEnglish job PM me, thanks!