Need help just installed / meteor cannot find path specified

I am new to development, just installed meteor and I created a dev folder and then typed create image_share (my app/project) and it returns…To run your new app: cd image_share and then a second line that says meteor Then I type cd image_share and it says the system cannot find the path specified … I am running Windows 10 and have already restarted my computer after install and turned off my firewall to see if it was interfering

The command is

meteor create nameofmyapp

If you’re not super comfortable with using the command line, then just open the parent folder in Windows Explorer or whatever it’s called in Windows 10 and see if nameofmyapp exists as a new folder in there. If not, you haven’t properly asked Meteor to create it for you.

Pro Tip: Download and install WebStorm IDE and use their Meteor integration to create a new project. That’ll remove all needs for command line usage.

Thank you. I opened dev folder and it isn’t in there, so I tried windows powershell instead and it works fine but has me create folder in my user folder so initial path is different