Need help setting up Meteor Cluster multiple load balancers

I’m currently using Modulus but am strongly considering switching to a DO/Compose/MUP/Cluster solution. I read this article on Meteor Cluster but am still confused about how to set up multiple load balancers via DNS and via Balancers.

Via DNS: Is there a tutorial or article somewhere that explains how to use Route53 to set up my DNS to resolve to multiple instances of my app?

Via Balancers: I saw this gist example and I’m confused as to how the public URLs for each server tie with the DNS entries. Can someone elaborate on how this works? Do I just create a subdomain for each load balancing server I want?

Finally, when all of this is set up, I assume that a user that visits will be randomly assigned to,, and, which will then load balance the request to any of the four servers listed in the server config?

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Did you ever get this sorted out? I’m currently looking for help with a similar set-up, but I can’t find a way to properly configure this.

Nope. Never got a response, so decided to stick with Modulus for now. May also try out Meteor’s setup at some point.

I’m also interested on this topic. I’m currently using D.O + Compose + Mup and would love to see this addressed. Maybe @arunoda can help us?