Need help setting up SSR with Vue + Quasar

Hello, nice people of the Meteor Forums!

First of all let me say that I absolutely love meteor+vue+quasar, it makes a very effective tool. So thanks to all you who made my favourite tech stack possible.
Everything was going well but now I hit a wall with SSR.

I’ve been developing a project for some time and just decided to setup SSR and faced some isses.
The project was based off of GitHub - quasarframework/quasar-starter-kit: Quasar CLI Starter Kit originally.

I’ve followed the insturcitons here vue-meteor/packages/vue-ssr at master · meteor-vue/vue-meteor · GitHub

including setting up:

import VueSSR from ‘meteor/akryum:vue-ssr’
import CreateApp from ‘…/imports/core/app’

VueSSR.createApp = function (context) {
const { app, router } = CreateApp()
context.rendered = () => {
context.js = console.log('hello')

return app

After adding the configuration the package did scan through all my vue files, and I had to solve several issues.

After going through several errors, the project finally compiles (with several ui issues), but the html I get back from the server is not the rendered HTML.

When opening the page the VueSSR.createApp function does not seem to run at all.
I can not

Another Issue I am having is that in my root Vue file I am importing the following from quasar:

import “quasar/dist/quasar.min.css”;
import “@quasar/extras/material-icons/material-icons.css”;
import “@quasar/extras/ionicons-v4/ionicons-v4.css”;
import “@quasar/extras/fontawesome-v5/fontawesome-v5.css”;
import “@quasar/extras/line-awesome/line-awesome.css”;

I can only compile the project with SSR enabled if i comment these out, otherwise I get an error


SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘*’
The "*ˇ is the first char of the css file.

Would any of you gentleman be able to help me out or point me in the right direction?
My knowledge on SSR is quite limited, trying to improve it.
Any assistance is very greatly appriciated!

Have a nice day