Need Help with F7 + Meteor

Hello all,
I am trying to implement meteor + Framework 7 for mobile application but I haven’t found any tutorial or blog for using both of them together. Does anyone have better reference for the same

Hi, the problem is f7 is not only a framework, it use his owen router etc. and the transitions works only with this tools. the css part you can use without problems.

For mobile dev i prefere ionic with meteor

Checkout the documentation for lofsteinn’s packages.

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@norBu - Currently we are using Apache Cordova for building Mobile Apps and we prefer React Native over ionic.

Saw a lot of threads about F7 and thought that it will be good to explore it as well.

Thanks for your input though.

@timw - I have checked it, but can’t find something very useful from Meteor + F7 point of view :frowning:

@deligence1 We have a very big thread about it here: Building a hybrid Meteor Cordova app: share experiences?

Thanks @XTA. Just shared our experience on Cordova on this thread :slightly_smiling: