Need help with new account creation

Hello Fellow Nerds,
I am new here and I am new to Meteor. I am trying to finish a project built on top of meteor and I was hoping to find some leads here.

The project has account creation in the system. When a new account is created for a user it should send them out an email with the username and a generated password.

The app is not currently doing this. Is there some kind of prebuilt models I can bolt in?
What should I be looking for? It seems the password reset email is working.
What is a good way to figure out why it’s not working?
Would sharing a git repo be helpful?

Follow up question. Whats the best way to commission this type of work?

It’s hard to say what’s going on without seeing the adjustments that the previous dev/team may have made to the accounts packages. A repo would be helpful, but if you’re looking to just have the work done, check out