Need help with possible API

We have a meteor application that uses Angular and is hooked into a Mongo DB. In addition to this, we have a Windows Service written in C# that is used to sync the same Mongo DB with a legacy database from an older application. In order to print to physical printers directly from our meteor application we use a service called printnode. (

I need to create some way to generate a print job, from the meteor app, for a specific document that could be initiated from C#, meteor or just by someone going to a specific URL. Is it possible to create some sort of api in our meteor app where I trigger some code when a specific URL is hit? For instance, if I were to call this URL from C# I could call code in my meteor app that would perform some logic and eventually print the document with the _id of 654dgaga3462gsdgh:

I guess that you need an API to call the Meteor server ?
Then webapp .

// Listen to incoming HTTP requests (can only be used on the server).
WebApp.connectHandlers.use('/print/:printId', (req, res, next) => {
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How would I deal with authentication and security rights. For instance how do I stop a random person on the internet from accessing this? If you are using the web browser there is a login screen but if I’m calling this from C# code I’m not sure how this works.