Need Meteor hosting now that the free stuff is gone?

I wrote a big article that shows you how to build something like Galaxy on a budget using Digital Ocean.


I’m totally in the “let someone else do the devops” camp, but for those who aren’t this looks totally invaluable - top job @joshowens .

Yeah, I would do that if I weren’t so interested in this stuff too :smiley:

Hey Josh, great article. Glad to see that Digital Ocean is a viable approach with scaling.

I’ve been using it for the past couple of months, but after upgrading Meteor to 1.3 MUP/MUPX no longer works. Deployment failures on every attempt.
Seems like a few others are having similar problem (see Issues on mup or mupx).
Anyone find a solution for this yet?


Good news for the rest of us that you are!

Might help you:

I give it a bit more time in the deployCheckWaitTime and did called once mupx setup and then mupx deploy and it works. It needs time to update some things it seems. That work seems to constantly get killed because mupx nicely reverts the deploy so trying again does not help. It shows all kinds of strange NPM errors but in the end is was just not done in time.

Edit: Also make sure mupx is updated off course. Command is in readme.

Maybe you can post the errors, we could help a little more officially…

I’ve been using Webfaction and once an app is deployed (I wrote a github repo on how to) it’s just a matter of uploading a tarball and about 5 commands that someone smarter or less lazy than me could probably script. Webfaction support is amazing. Pretty inexpensive too.