Need some advice on schema

I am creating a collection of Questions. These questions will be asked to a user and the responses will be recorded in a separate collection.

My problem is this…
Some questions are multiple choice… in this case, my document would be
{ 'question_text': "Are you a boy or a girl?", 'type': 'Multiple Choice', 'allowedValues': ['Boy','Girl','Other'] }

Some questions are numerical response… in this case, my document would be
{ 'question_text': "How old are you?", 'type': 'Numerical', 'applyMinMax': true, 'min': 0, 'max': 125 }

I’m using SimpleSchema so my Question schema is currently
{ 'question_text': { type: String, label: "What is your question?", unique: true }, 'type': { type: String, label: "What type of question are you asking?", allowedValues: ['Multiple Choice", "Numerical"], }, 'allowedValues': { type: Array, minCount: 2, optional: true }, 'allowedValues.$': { type: String, }, 'applyMinMax': { type: Boolean, optional: true }, 'min': { type: Number, optional: true }, 'max': { type: Number, optional: true } }

My question is… is there a better schema to employ?
My question UI will likely take the following form:
{{#each question}} {{#if is_numerical}} the fields for a numerical response {{/if}} {{#if is_multiple_choice}} the radio list for a multiple choice response {{/if}} {{\each}}

Don’t bother doing such schema. It can be easily replaced with:

'allowedValues': {
  type: [String],
  minCount: 2,
  optional: true

which will specify that allowedValues field is an array of strings.