Need suggestion: Communication between Meteor client and Java web server


Hi guys,
I’ve built an app that is used to do data analysis. It has a web client, which is built with meteor, and a Java based server to pull data from different sources and do all kinds of analytic-stuff there. The Java server are exposing REST API to allow query and analytic request etc.

The problem right now is that:
during a user session, the client is going to communicate with the java web server many times and will transfer data back&forth. For now I expose server side method call to relay client side request to the Java server, but I really don’t like the idea that all the data are routed through meteor server. I would like to make the client communicate directly with java server.

One simple solution could be doing AJAX query on the client side since the Java server exposes REST Services. However, I think it would be great if I’m able to push data from server to client just like the Collection in meteor. Later on, we could stream data from java server to client for long running task or large volume data.

Something like would be great, but this one seems not actively developed. Otherwise, I think we could fall back to

Any suggestions? OR…, Is that an over-kill?