Need to edit the config.xml of Cordova, any tutorials? Dummy plugin?

Basically my cordova app has an issue where the keyboard when shown throws off the entire layout of my app… the fix is said to be adding the following code to the config.xml file:

<preference name="android-windowSoftInputMode" value="stateHidden|adjustPan" />

Problem is when I do this and run Meteor run android-device the config.xml reverts to the previous version. How do I prevent his happening? The meteor guide was no help, it just says the following:

The meteor documentation says: “Instead of having you modify Cordova’s config.xml file, Meteor reads a mobile-config.js file in the root of your app directory and uses the settings specified there to configure the generated project.” It means, you can add preferences to config.xml through the mobile-config.js and add something like:

// Set PhoneGap/Cordova preferences
App.setPreference('android-windowSoftInputMode', 'stateHidden|adjustPan', 'android');
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