Need to reload template

I’m using a custom map class, that applies when onRendered is triggered, the div becomes dragabble, zoomable and such (something like google maps, but with a single image as background), elements inside it will remain the same size always, and so on.
Inside the template there’s a map selector, when you change maps (which is a link like /systemmap/:mapId ) it loads the corresponding background image, and the corresponding elements, the problem is, the proportions used on the first image remains, so the next image gets distorted.
This is solved by reloading the page, the image is loaded, the class is applied to the corresponding div after onRendered, all good.

Template.maptemplate.onRendered(function() {
       //set a timeout in case the image doesn't load in time
       Meteor.setTimeout(function(){mymap = new interactiveMap('mymapbox','test');},1000);

I need a way to reload the template every time the route is used.
Is there any way to do this?