Need to Verify Proof of Concept


Hello everyone,

I have came across meteor while googling today.

I am trying to build a real-time dashboard that displays Realtime Sensor Values (Temperature, Humidity). The Values of Temperature and Humidity are updated in a mongo DB.

What I am trying to do is connect to this remote Mongo DB ( hosted on Azure)fetch values real-time (if there is any sensor Telemetry available) and display it on Web App using Graphs.
The data should be real-time. I would like to know if this is possible using Meteor.

Extra Info
I have finished the part of Connecting the Sensor to Azure IOT hub, the Sensor is sending data to IoT hub and is being stored in Mongo DB Collection.
I have managed to Sync the data but it’s not real-time using (PHP and T-SQL DB).

So I just want to know if it’s possible or not… I have been googling for 2 days now and I have still not arrived at a solution.


Short answer - yes.

Longer answer - depending on how frequently data is updated, how many simultaneous clients you expect and how much data is being shipped to clients, you may need to make some component decisions as you go.


You’ll want to look at the documentation for information regarding publications and subscriptions:

Also, make sure you configure meteor to use mongo’s oplog. If you don’t the results won’t be ‘real-time’ – instead you’ll be polling for changes.